Using Local Resources

According to EU regulation, for the category of traditional products of extended use, such as wood, natural aggregates, natural stone, limestone, mineral wool, whose importance and value could not be ignored by the modernist trend of the last decades of constructions, there are harmonized European standards for each product which apply to the known EC conformity certification schemes, specified in the legal and technical documents.

Paradoxically, although many of the natural products have been traditionally used in durable and healthy buildings, they have been completely ignored for centuries, from a technical and legislative point of view, as being old-fashioned materials (clay adobe, wattles, straw, wool, even wood derivatives, natural limestone, etc.), to the detriment of synthetic products, which have polluting properties from the manufacture stage to the end of their operation life cycle, but which are considered modern (PVC, ACC products, expanded or extruded polystyrene, etc.).

In this context, specific to the certification of sustainable materials for thermal, acoustic and water insulation, obtained from local renewable sources used naturally and traditionally, it is important to make a scientific and technical demonstration of the specific technical performance in use (thermal, acoustic, hydro-insulating, durability, reliability, etc.) as well as of their ecological/sustainable performances. This is what we do together with our partners.

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